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Dr. Regina Banks-Hall

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall

Dr. Regina Banks-Hall is the author of Fall Forward, Your Purpose is Waiting for You.  Her latest book Handle Your Business provides new business startups with a step-by-step blueprint for success.     She is a gifted motivational speaker, professor, mentor and coach. She wants everyone to know, it is time to discover your gifts and live your truth. 


Jacqueline Stevenson

Evangelist Jacqueline Stevenson is a dedicated, seasoned minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is with great pleasure that she presents Behold His Glory --a memoir of many colorful vignettes of her encounters of healing, deliverance, faith, hope, and trust in God. 

Monique  O'Neal

Monique O'Neal


Monique O’Neal is an up and coming millennial author who has created an insightful poetic compilation of fresh socially relevant commentary pieces in her debut literary masterpieces. She is a daughter with NY roots and a southern flavor who has spent the majority of her life below the Mason Dixon lines. From her adoption as a baby and young life spent surrounded by a strong close-knit southern family Monique chose to express herself by putting pen to paper and creating diverse poetic narrations and spoken word. 

Will  Creagh

Will Creagh

Will Creagh is a 23 year-old professional from Birmingham, Alabama. He attended Wheaton College in Illinois for undergraduate studies where he attained a bachelor’s degree in business and economics. Besides business, he is interested in African-American literature, sports, and comedy. Will is a self-proclaimed family man being a son, uncle, brother, and cousin.

Dolphus Hall Jr