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Behold His Glory

Behold His Glory

By Jacqueline Stevenson
Published by RBH Professional Publishing
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Have you ever experienced something, and said to yourself, "it's a mircle."  Or have you experienced doubt as it relates to your faith.  Are you at a crossroad, and you are in need of a personal story of conviction.   In this book, Jacqueline Stevenson shares a powerful story of miracles, faith and God's amazing love.  This book of testimonies takes you on a journey where you will experience deliverance, miracle births, love, and commitment.   For those of you that have lost your belief in miracles this book is for you.   Throughout this journey of testimonies, the author reminds you that God's power and love exist.  This book will strengthen your faith and provoke you to reach higher for miracles in your own life.n this book Evangelist Jacqueline Stevenson, shares an amazing story of God's miracles that have manifested in her life.    

paperpack | 106 pages | $10.00 USD | 6 x 9 | 978-1-73395333-2-0 | September 27, 2019